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Welcome to Central City Veterinary Clinic!

Central City Veterinary Clinic is a progressive mixed animal practice located in the heart of Nebraska. We are proud to serve Central City, Chapman, Clarks, Marquette, Polk, Silver Creek, Stromsburg, and surrounding areas.

Our facility allows us to offer a full range of services for your companion animals, including routine preventative care, medicine, surgery, and dentistry. Also available are canine and feline boarding facilities and grooming services. We strive to treat every patient as if they were our own pet, giving them the same loving attention and care.

We also accommodate your specific production system needs with our in-house facilities and country calls. Check out our hydraulic tilt chute and hydraulic calf table, OB chute and portable hydraulic chute. Central City Vet Clinic is proud to provide pregnancy detection, calving, preconditioning and a large variety of additional herd health services.

Emergency services are available for both companion and production animals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Providing professional, personal, and confident care for your companion and production animals since 1954.


Central City Veterinary Clinic | 1701 5th Avenue | Central City, NE 68826

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Meet Our Skilled Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr.
    David Lee
    MS, DVM
    Dr. Lee is the owner of Central City Veterinary Clinic.
  • Dr.
    Allison Mettler
    Allison is an associate veterinarian with Central City Veterinary Clinic, serving both small and large animal clients.
  • Jeremi Wurtz, DVM

    Jeremi enjoys being outdoors hunting, working with his own show cattle.

  • Katie Voigt
    Katie enjoys working with both small and large animal patients.
  • Lexee Brandenburger
    Lexee is the newest member of the Central City Veterinary Clinic team.
  • Michquel Bonser
    Michquel is the face of Central City Vet Clinic, always welcoming customers to the clinic with a smile.
  • Stephanie Stone
    Animal Care Assistant
    Steph maintains the kennels during the week and can be found in the exam rooms assisting with appointments.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "This Veterinary Clinic is by far the best in the business. My family wants to thank you for your Hospitality and Great service. They were very awesome in taking care of our pets. You all have treated our pets with the highest regard. Thank you very much for your Services."
    Tim Sheehan
  • "Very impressed! The knowledge and confidence of the doctors and staff. Makes it reassuring and pleasant place to take Lena.
    Ryan and Lena"
    Ryan Nelson
  • "Absolutely great people. My dog got hit on Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was an after hours call, Dr. Lee and his family took excellent care of my dog.
    Thank You for everything you did!!"
    Chase Smith
  • "Dr. Lee & Dr. Mettler are great with our rotties. They are very informative on how we can keep them all in tip top shape:) Thank you Docs and staff!"
    Rachel Redlightning

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